ZJUDANCER: Humanoid Football Player Robot

Jul 31, 2014


Our Team

The robots developed by ZJUDancer for RoboCup are fully autonomous humanoid robots which play different parts as a team in the football game. During the past few years, we won the champions of RoboCup China Open through 2007 to 2014, and advanced to quarter-finals in Robocup 2009 Graz, Robocup 2010 Singapore, Robocup 2011 Istanbul and Robocup 2014 Brazil, to semi-final in Robocup 2012 Mexico, and won third place in Robocup 2013 Netherlands.

Our Robots: Mechanical Design

The whole hardware configuration of our robots are independently designed. Currently ZJUDANCER robot has evoluted to 4th generation.


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Selected Game

In Robocup2013 Netherlands, we (red) met CITBrains kid (blue) in the 3-4 final and won the game finally, watch this game on YouTube:

Click here to watch us on YouTube.

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