ZHENG Fan 郑帆

I am a researcher in robotics and computer vision, with interest in SLAM and mobile robot navigation. I got my PhD in MAE CUHK supervised by Prof LIU Yun-Hui. Before coming to CUHK, I received my B. Eng degree in Mechatronic Engineering in Zhejiang University.

I swim and jog. I am a fan of Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry.

Email: hi@fzheng.me

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Journal Papers

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Working Experience

2019- R&D manager, VisionNav Robotics (Shenzhen)
2015-2016 Intern in SLAM, VisionNav Robotics (Shenzhen)
2013 Intern in deburring robot development, Atlas Copco (Wuxi)


2015/2016 TA, MAEG 5755 Robotics
2014/2015 TA, MAEG 4050 Modern Control and Theory
2014/2015 TA, MAEG 3010 Mechanics of Materials


2014 Hong Kong PhD Fellowship
2014 Top-8 Team in 2014 RoboCup, Humanoid Kidsize
2013 Championship in 2013 RoboCup China, Humanoid Kidsize
2012 National Scholarship


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